Self-care coaching is about self-love, self acceptance & personal rebranding

It’s about understanding your power and owning it.

During these stressful, always on the run, instant gratification times that we are living in, the biggest luxury nowadays has become taking care of yourself: mentally, emotionally, and energetically - levels on which daily hygiene matters (at least) just as much as body hygiene.

I mean, if you shower or brush your teeth on a daily basis, why wouldn´t you do the 'cleaning' for all your other levels too? How? By practicing simple and mindful daily self-care routines, constantly raising your awareness, and opening your heart, you will significantly improve the quality of your life and also prevent burnout.

It’s time to be your own best friend because you are your longest relationship.


My gift to you

Every woman needs a few moments for herself during the day to show up for herself with love, acceptance, and positive energy. Here are some tips for your free special self-care routine!

You CAN have it all!

You deserve to be truly happy, deeply loved, and fully successful, did you know that? Because in case you forgot, I am here to remind and help you achieve what you want with ease while still taking care of yourself!

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Are you ready? 

You can get coached however works best for you: through online sessions, self-help programs, or personally at my practice in Munich.

Life Coaching at Home? 

Yes, beautiful, it’s possible. 

I`m Mirela. Self Care Coach and keynote speaker reminding women how to rediscover their gifts, so they can get what they want in life with more ease.

I am a strong advocate for self-love and acceptance,
teaching women how to unlock their potential and personally rebrand themselves.

Get to know me

Behind every person, is a true story. 

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Who am I? And why do I do what I do, today? 
My journey has been anything but ordinary.

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