About me

After majoring in Psychology when I was younger, I realized I would still have thoughts like: 'I am not good enough', or 'you can't have it all in life' which didn't really add up to my optimistic nature. But back then I was more focused on building a professional career, so I didn't really do anything about that negativity.

It is only when I moved to another country back in 2015 that I deeply felt the need to reassess and even change a part of my belief system that wasn`t serving me anymore. Moving was probably one of the most challenging experiences in my life because I was far from family and friends, all I had known basically and had to adapt at the same time to a new, beautiful, but still quite a different culture.

It is then when I understood a very important lesson that life was trying to teach me, that is: I had been pursuing something I already had - myself and my own sense of worthiness. I would just sometimes forget that I had achieved so much already... I even remember saying this to a friend of mine: `I have achieved everything I truly wanted. It made me realize in that very moment that not only was I good enough, but good enough to achieve A N Y T H I N G that I would set my mind AND heart to. So, that was the key: mind and heart working together.

Everything in life had been my choice. My beliefs, my actions, and my reactions were constantly creating my reality. It may sound simple and logical now, but it was quite a breakthrough moment for me back then, almost like a revelation of a person who had been sabotaging herself for years.... yes, I had been sabotaging my own happiness. 

It may feel like something is not quite right, you just don’t see it because it’s subconscious. It’s like that `blind spot` when you`re driving and you have to physically turn your head and full attention to look back so you can make sure you can continue safely on your journey. 

Same thing with negative beliefs: they hide somewhere deep in your subconscious mind, pretty much like a basic windows program that you never even question, because it’s so basic, that you assume it has to work well. Hmm, but these limiting beliefs only come up when faced with certain situations more or less, or through our own unhappiness or lack of satisfaction, lack of connection and so much more, but most of the time they determine our thinking patterns, our behavior, our reality basically in ways we don’t want to ... So, until we uncover and literally face them we cannot have a full, abundant, or healthy life. 

This awareness opened up a world of new possibilities for me and made me realize I needed to take better care of myself, listen to my heart more, and empower others to do so too. It was only natural that I become a self-care advocate for women wherever they may live, and that help them get rid of what is it that might be holding them back so they can achieve what they want in life with more ease. 

Mirela Manolache Self Care Coach_About me

Some people might relate to my story, some may feel challenged in other aspects of their lives like the examples below and some may have their own reasons to look for support. Don´t let such limiting beliefs dictate your life, especially once you´ve realized they are the ones sabotaging your happiness! All that negativity can be released with the right help and the proper tools. 

You are literally one decision away from completely changing your life and living it to its fullest! 

Have you ever felt like...?

Mirela Manolache_Burnout Coaching
  • a victim of your circumstances, believing life is happening to you but not for you 
  • like you often have to push yourself to the point of burnout, otherwise you don´t deserve love or acceptance 
  • wanting more but not knowing how to get it
Mirela Manolache_Empowerment Coaching
  • not liking or accepting yourself as you are
  • feeling often lonely or helpless 
  • feeling unloved or unable to keep up with your or someone else's expectations 
Mirela Manolache_Ressources Coaching
  • lacking self-trust or self confidence in various situations
  • lacking courage to express a good idea
  • reacting unexpectedly bad or simply uncontrolled
  • feeling like you are not good enough, not worthy to get what you want 
Mirela Mannolache_Relationship Coaching
  • hiding yourself behind a mask or living in fear that the world is not so ''friendly''
  • staying in unhealthy relashionships because you are afraid nobody else will like or love you 
  • or that you ''deserve'' to be miserable because why would you ''deserve'' to be happy?
Mirela Manolache_Life Coaching
  • shying away from what you know best or showing your true talented self for fear others will not like you anymore
  • feeling like everyone ''has got it all together'' but you only hit bumps
  • stuck in life, work, love life

No matter who you are, self-care always starts with self-love and self-love starts with self-talk. Learn how to manage your thoughts. Take the first step towards being a happier, healthier & stronger YOU! 

Mirela Manolache Coaching

My Mission 

I’m committed to helping more people like you every day because I know from personal experience that we may sometimes forget how beautiful and special we really are... we just need some reminders once in a while. This is where I can help through professional coaching sessions.

My Beliefs

 I believe that we are not alone, separate, or a victim of our circumstances, but that we are all connected, part of something greater and creators of our own reality.

My Approach 

My approach is more than just a one-sided coaching.
We will look into who you are emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Each time I start working with a new client towards being happier, more confident, more empowered, I make sure it aligns with who they are as a person, so I know it works for them in the long term.

Mirela Manolache Coaching München und Online

Through the coaching with Mirela I realized for the first time what enormous professional experience I already have and how (financially) valuable my work is. Mirela creates with her sensitive and at the same time direct way a wonderful space to uncover and let go of deep emotions and beliefs.

I can only recommend a cooperation with Mirela.

Judith from Munich

Mirela Manolache Coaching München and Online

Mirela is a master in conversations and a partner in helping you rediscover yourself and your sources within. She has a great capacity of understanding people without judging them; she is someone you want to go to because you can be you, be completely vulnerable, knowing she will listen and help you ask those questions you couldn’t ask yourself - and answer them, of course. 

She’s full of energy, patience, always smiling and eager to inspire us to be better, to think positive, and be more conscious.

Lili from Rotterdam 

Mirela Manolache Coaching München and Online

If I would have to choose only three words to describe Mirela it would be: empathetic, intuitive, passionate. I really love the way she interacted with me during the classes. She always smiles and gives you confidence and positivity. She knows how to put the right questions and with very few answers from you, she knows what you need and goes straight to the resolution of the problem. I strongly recommend her, she is really the best! 

Thank you very much for what are you doing and keep up the good work because we need your skills!

Joana from Bucharest