8-week Online Personal Coaching Package

This is perfect for you if you want to actually start solving some personal issues, get rid of negativity or just bloom your potential through heartfelt and qualified mentorship.

8-week Online Personal Coaching Package

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Product Information

Not all things in life can be solved quickly, some actually require special attention, dedication and time, especially if it's something that has been bothering you for months or even years.

Healing is a process which needs real and compasionate guidance. Personal transformation also requires some time and I can help you there.

We have 4 intense coaching sessions scheduled on a period of 8 weeks to allow your subconscious and your heart to heal and adjust.
We sistematically and deeply work on what is bothering you like:

- blocking thoughts or limiting beliefs, fears, feeling stuck, unable to reach your goals on a mental level;

- even on your emotional level like feeling unloved, unworthy, or just really down or insecure;

- energetically like feeling low on energy, maybe often stressed out and tired, not being able to stand your ground around other people;

- relationships: getting the right partner, opening your heart, improving communication, getting more clarity in life, more meaningful relationships and

much, much more.

All you have to do is contact me for a free pre-assessment call so we can see how I can help you exactly - we will just take it from there.


  • 30-minute free assessment call where we also agree on the dates and time of the coaching sessions
  • 4 intense online sessions of approx. 1.5-2 hours each, depending on what exactly we are clearing 
  • Reachability on whatsapp during the practice working hours in case you have questions while on the program
  • 30-minute follow up call after completing the program
  • valuable e-workbook ''Self Care for Beginners'' (normally 26,75€) free of charge, to help you on your personal journey

Special Instructions

You will receive all necessary information for example the login link for our sessions once you register. 

! Please email me your phone number, email address, also the order number upon registration so we can schedule the first call: [email protected]

Remember: we can talk in English, German, Italian or Romanian.

The fee can also be paid in 2 equal monthly rates - please contact me in case this is something you want to do.

I am so excited to be part of your journey and I look forward to meeting you.