Reset Now - Powerful 1 Day Life Coaching Program in Munich or online

The Reset Now Program allows you to actively take action towards resetting and changing your life. 

This can be a chance for you to dedicate a full day to yourself where you actively work on what’s handing you back. 

It is held in beautiful München and you will get: 

  • A preparing call before the big day
  • Life Analysis as we begin
  • Powerful one-on-one Coaching on YOUR chosen themes
  • 1-hour Bio-field Cleansing and Reintegration
  • Goal validation section at the end of the day
  • A follow-up 1-hour session after two weeks (live in München or online)

Reset Now - Powerful 1 Day Life Coaching Program in Munich or online

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Program Information

This powerful one-on-one will help you find the right resources you need to achieve what you want with ease. It can give you a starting point and help you find specific solutions you can use for a deep transformation and to actively direct your own life journey towards what you always wanted.

Some people choose this program because they are ready for a change, some people book it to overcome some challenges and other people have their own reasons for choosing this program.  

Because it is so intense, it is recommended to come to the Munich practice, however, we will find a solution together for the program to work for you online as well, so it is important for you to keep this option in mind.

*** In-person also includes: lunch, coffee, a selection of tee, water with essential oils  

Achieve what you want in life with more ease. 
Start now!

Location and Duration

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From 9 AM until 5 PM 
The one-on-one programs are located in Munich, Germany, but online can also be an option - please specify either by email or over the phone.
Sessions can be held in: English, German, Italian, Romanian.
Appointments will be made upon mutual agreement. 

Product Details

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This program is especially designed for people who are tired of running around in circles and are ready to make a transformational change in their lives. This program will help you push the reset button. 
You should be ready to work on a specific personal matter you would like to get support with, for example: self development, setting an objective, career change, implication in different areas of your life, low energy points, the feeling of something missing like self-love or trust, conflict inside of yourself, reaching your full potential and so much more.

If you are reading this here, it means your heart is pushing you to make a change, which is wonderful. Thank you and I look forward to meeting you.

Special Instructions

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Please review the cancellation policy for organizational purposes. 
This program does not treat traumas or psychological diseases. 
Thank you for your understanding.