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`Self Care for Beginners` Workbook Kit


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Ready to understand more about who you are and reconnect with your true self? This beautiful kit contains a unique self-care workbook, organic soap, relaxing candles and it is a beautiful gift for yourself, a stressed friend, sister, or mom. Perfect for a birthday, graduation, a life-changing event, or just as a little something to help bring more love into your life. The paperback format currently only shipping to Germany.

* For the e-workbook ONLY go to KindleUnlimited

* For the workbook ONLY click here or right below

`Self Care for Beginners` Workbook

Ready to understand more about who you are and reconnect with your true self? This unique self-care workbook is a beautiful gift for yourself, a stressed friend, sister, or mom, and perfect for a birthday, graduation, a life-changing event, or just as a little something to help bring more love into your life.

Mirela Manolache Self Care for Beginners Workbook

Self Care for Beginners: expert self-care tips and tools for a healthier and happier life.

✨ Understand more about how your body, mind, and soul work together and how you can better care for them by using expert self-care tips
✨ Find out how you can shake off that negativity that has been preventing you so far from connecting with yourself on the highest level
✨ Reveal where you stand right now in your life
✨ Learn how to positively change from the inside out so you can get what you want in life with more ease

Workbook Details

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1.1 The body - your material self. Tools: healthy eating tips
1.2 The mind - your mental self. Tools: powerful affirmations dictionary
1.3 The soul - your divine self. Tools: 6 tips for your evening self-care routine
2. SELF CARE STARTS WITH SELF LOVE! Tools: visualization technique to switch to positive thinking

I. “Healthy eating tips in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s for a long and happy life” - expert article courtesy of Dr. Monica Mocanu, diabetologist and nutritionist (Value 450€)
II. Powerful affirmations dictionary and mantras to release negative beliefs or vows (Value 450€)
III. Heart-centered meditation to get a deeper connection with your soul and raise your vibration (Value 120€) (digital - see below special instructions)

Mirela is a certified Self Care Coach who helps women of all ages unlock their potential so they can get what they want in life with more ease. A strong advocate for self-love and acceptance, she gives regular workshops, teaching women how to rediscover their gifts and personally rebrand themselves.
Mirela is also a keynote speaker and entrepreneur with extensive know-how in organizational psychology and operations.
She lives in Munich.

J. from Germany:
''Through the coaching with Mirela, I realized for the first time what enormous professional experience I already have and how (financially) valuable my work is. Mirela creates with her sensitive and at the same time direct way a wonderful space to uncover and let go of deep emotions and beliefs. I can only recommend cooperation with Mirela.

I. from Romania:
''If I would have to choose only three words to describe Mirela it would be: empathetic, intuitive, passionate. I really love the way she interacted with me during the classes. She always smiles and gives you confidence and positivity. She knows how to put the right questions and with very few answers from you, she knows what you need and goes straight to the resolution of the problem. I strongly recommend her, she is really the best! Thank you very much for what are you doing and keep up the good work because we need your skills!''

L. from Holland:
''Mirela is a master in conversations and a partner in helping you rediscover yourself and your sources within. She has a great capacity of understanding people without judging them; she is someone you want to go to because you can be you, be completely vulnerable, knowing she will listen and help you ask those questions you couldn’t ask yourself - and answer them, of course. She’s full of energy, patience, always smiling and eager to inspire us to be better, to think positive, and be more conscious.

C. from Germany:
''The session with Mirela was simply super great! Afterward, I was absolutely relaxed and totally myself. She released some blockades, and I noticed that tensions disappeared and I could breathe better and had more energy!''

Special Instructions & Bonus Info

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You can access the bonus-meditation by joining our Self Care Facebook Group and by entering your order number. Once you are in the group, you can also benefit from regular coaching input on self-love, acceptance, and personal development. 
Paperback shipping to Germany only.

Size or Dimensions

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This unique workbook is 19x24cm, has 50 pages and it's absolutely perfect for reading at home. Or you can simply put it in your purse and take it with you in the park, or on the train, in the airport, or just while on a coffee break at your favorite bistro.

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